Kinoprogramm am 4.11.2017

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Ab sofort finden alle unsere Vorführungen statt, wenn mindestens ein*e Zuschauer*innen da ist. Also keine Angst mehr vor dem Besuch weniger bekannter Filme ;)


8, Lenin Avenue
  • 4.11.2017die naTo

8, Lenin Avenue

DOK Leipzig 2017

101 min

8, Lenin Avenue
R: Anna Pitoun/Valérie Mitteaux, France 2017, Doc, 101 min, OV with English subtitles

Long-term observations have their own rules. They often evolve out of earlier film projects and a continued contact with the protagonists.

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Homage to Jay Rosenblatt 1 Homage to Jay Rosenblatt 1
  • 4.11.2017die naTo

Homage to Jay Rosenblatt 1

DOK Leipzig 2017

70 min

R: Jay Rosenblatt, USA 2009, Doc, 1 min, OV

How poor the world would be without advice and prohibitions! “Take a chance! Don’t do it!” Or: anyone can do as they please, but not like this! An American haiku.

Wie arm wär’ doch die Welt ohne Ratschläge und Verbote? „Versuch dein Glück! Tu’s nicht!“ Oder auch: Jeder wie er will, aber so nicht! An American Haiku.

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Homage to Jay Rosenblatt 2 Homage to Jay Rosenblatt 2
  • 4.11.2017die naTo

Homage to Jay Rosenblatt 2

DOK Leipzig 2017

62 min

Nine Lives: The Eternal Moment of Now
R: Jay Rosenblatt, USA 2001, Doc, 1 min, without Dialogue/Subtitles

A cat has nine lives. It’s dreaming of the previous eight, lounging in the eternal now.

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The Minister of Garbage The Minister of Garbage
  • 4.11.2017die naTo

The Minister of Garbage

DOK Leipzig 2017

75 min

The Minister of Garbage
R: Quentin Noirfalisse, Belgium/France 2017, Doc, 75 min, OV with English subtitles

The Congolese artist Emmanuel Botalatala is working on his new assemblage. He fixes painted tombs, crosses and tanks made of garbage to a plywood board while a member of his team paints a blood-red street around the “African cemetery”.

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Coal Heap Kids+Touching Concrete Coal Heap Kids+Touching Concrete
  • 4.11.2017die naTo

Coal Heap Kids+Touching Concrete

DOK Leipzig 2017

107 min

Coal Heap Kids
R: Frédéric Brunnquell, France 2016, Doc, 52 min, OV with English subtitles

There was a witticism among producers in old Hollywood that a great film must begin with an explosion and then work up to a climax. This film, shot in the former mining region of Northern France, starts with six explosions.

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