Kinoprogramm am 4.11.2018

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Mach(t) mit!

Wir suchen momentan wieder Menschen, die uns 1 mal im Monat beim Kassendienst unterstützen und dafür x mal im Monat ins Kino gehen können. Mehr Infos findet ihr hier.

Ab sofort finden alle unsere Vorführungen statt, wenn mindestens ein*e Zuschauer*innen da ist. Also keine Angst mehr vor dem Besuch weniger bekannter Filme ;)


Roughhouse + Living the Light – Robby Müller + Roughhouse + Living the Light – Robby Müller +
  • 4.11.2018die naTo

Roughhouse + Living the Light – Robby Müller +

DOK Leipzig 2018

2018, 101 min

Dir: Jonathan Hodgson, UK, France 2018, Animated Film, 16 min, English with English subtitles

The eighties, UK: three mates move to Liverpool to study art. Their leader is Shirley, the cool pub quiz champion.

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Hearths + The Call + The Cure Hearths + The Call + The Cure
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Hearths + The Call + The Cure

DOK Leipzig 2018

2018, 72 min

Dir: Paul Heintz, France 2018, Documentary Film, 18 min, French with English subtitles

A walk through an arsonist’s head. A documentary essay in everyday and thermal images, about matchsticks and a burning flat.

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All Creatures Welcome All Creatures Welcome
  • 4.11.2018die naTo

All Creatures Welcome

DOK Leipzig 2018

2018, 87 min

All Creatures Welcome
Dir: Sandra Trostel, Germany 2018, Documentary Film, 87 min, English and German with English and German subtitles

A playful and highly informative attempt to describe the anarchic variety of creatures who regularly meet at camps and international conventions under the umbrella of Europe’s biggest hacker association, the Chaos Computer Club. Sandra Trostel looks over the shoulders of nerds, political activists, makers and “other galactic life forms” and shows, complemented by short animated sequences, what it means to regard society not as a given fact but as malleable material there to be “hacked”.

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Weekend + Der Stein zum Leben Weekend + Der Stein zum Leben
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Weekend + Der Stein zum Leben

DOK Leipzig 2018

2018, 89 min

Dir: Lei Lei, China 2018, Animated Film, 12 min, without dialogue

Accidental, private sound recordings: a whispering child’s voice, a ticking clock, household sounds in the background. Old catalogue photos alternate with wild bonsais and sober furniture arrangements to their beat.

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